Are you Looking for a Paid Proxy List?

If you do any serious automation, SEO, or marketing online, and even if you just want to stay anonymous online, you know you need proxies. Lots of them. And it would be nice if those proxies were reasonably fast and frequently updated, too.There are lots of situations where you absolutely need proxies:

  • Increasing YouTube or MySpace Views
  • Scraping search results, content, or keywords
  • Posting with blog commenting or forum posting software like Xrumer
  • Checking out competitor ads or landing pages
  • Checking out geotargeted affiliate offers
  • Creating email or blog accounts
  • Staying anonymous online

Now, it’s fairly obvious you need lots of proxies to feed your scripts, and to maintain your anonymity. There’s lots of ways to get those proxies. You can Google around for free proxy lists, visit proxy list sites like, or join forums where proxy lists are posted by members. All of these methods can get you some proxies, but they all come with several caveats:

  • Public proxies die very quickly, so proxy lists that are even a day old can contain 90% or more dead proxies.
  • Thousands of others are using the same public proxy lists, making many proxies on there slow and unreliable.

An entire proxy forum or proxy site can only have two or three usable proxies-and to find them, you have to spend time and bandwidth searching the entire list. Paid proxy services may offer faster, more reliable proxies, but you will only get a few dozen IPs at an exorbitant price. There needed to be a better way to get hundreds of fast, efficient proxies- and now there is.
At ProxyNexus, our bots are constantly crawling hundreds of public, semiprivate, and private proxy lists, and extracting all of the proxies there. Proxy list sites, private proxy forums, paid proxy list services are all crawled by our bot. All extracted proxies are then checked for uptime, speed, and anonymity. We cover the widest range of proxy sources, guaranteed, testing hundreds of thousands of proxies a day, and extracting the best ones. The end result is a list of fresh, frequently updated, highly anonymous elite proxies for you to use.

ProxyNexus Features

  • Dedicated server constantly scraping proxies
  • All proxies are checked hourly, ensuring the freshest lists
  • Outputs proxies in an easy to access text file, usable by any script or software
  • Hundreds of working HTTP proxies in the list, updated every hour
  • All proxies are high anonymous or elite
  • Proxies are mixed from all countries and geographic locations

Right now, the price for full access to our private, hourly updated proxy list is only $47 a month..
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