The Goal

To provide the best and easiest method of making Netrunner proxies.
So that new players have somewhere to start.
So that everyone can complete their collection.

Notable Mentions

The website is based on work from and They both provided a great starting point to building this website.

The card images are from the amazing archive found here "Android: Netrunner Cards up to Kitara @600dpi" Special thanks to /u/LepcisMagna/. NISEI cards are also included and unchanged from the print-and-play PDFs.

Sources for Tokens

Here's a list of some methods for getting a set of tokens, in the event buying a retail core set becomes prohibitive.

Technical Stuff for Nerds

The card scans have been despeckled using batch-despeckle.scm and enhanced using the tool mogrify with options "-modulate 105,105" from the Image Magick Suite. Here's a comparison of the improvements. Check out the reddit post for more info!

This website depends on the NetrunnerDB API to query things like card IDs from names and deck URLs.

PDF generation is done using Node.js and PDFKit.

Website source published on github.

Built by Alex McCulloch (/u/axmccx).

Interested in supporting Proxy Nexus? Donations can be made here. Funds will go towards website hosting fees.